Tuesday, August 31, 2010

thanks for the encouragement Doc, but I'm no expert. I learn from my mistakes and lately most of them come from listening to other people. Not all the advice I get is bad. I get some really great advice.

In spite of all the negativity, I keep plugging away at the nimh battery pack. I have made it from aa and c cells meant for toys. If they draw current one to one, then I am approaching the critical mass. The would be the point where they would run the bike. The problem is I just don't believe these batteries have the guts of the lead acid ones. I can get to the point where the bike runs good, but can I ever get to the point that it runs as if it were running hot (right off the charger) lead acid ones.

All the guy who swear by the lithium batteries either can't or won't answer that. Does this new battery technology have the balls of the lead acid. It if is going to whimp along, even if it does the max the bike can do, then maybe I wouldn't really want it anyway. I like the feel of that surge when I kick the lead acid in he ass.

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