Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thanks Doc, but I honestly didn't know I needed them since I had no idea they made them that large. I have seen huge wing nuts used to tie spare tires down but never gave it a thought for a trailer.

I am still trying to find a way to allow a little swing and tilt without the bike fishtailing. I did some welding last night just before dark. I couldn't see a thing. I expect that I will have to do it again today. Man getting old is a bitch.

I have decided that a trailer full of sla is the power supply I am most comfortable with. Those things will take a hell of a lot of abuse and still perform. I know they are heavy and their power ratio isn't great but they seem to work for me as long as I keep them up. I do need to find me a 36v charger that will charge at more than one amp though. I have some twelve amp maintainers that I like for balancing batteries but to charge after a ride I like the 36v if it had about 3 or 4 amp input. I think that spread out over several batteries in the back is not so much to over charge them.

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Doc said...

I have a friend that has a 36v golf cart charger,dont know how many anps.I charge 6-6volt my cart in about 8 hours.If he still has it i will send it to you.Catch you later cause i am going to fly the hot air balloon.