Thursday, August 19, 2010

I was in home depot yesterday to get some duct tape and wiring stuff. While there I found some wing nuts. I had no idea they made a 3/8" wing nut. It should make hooking the trailer a lot easier since it is hard to get a wrench into the trailer hitch area.

Just something new I learned. I do a lot of new thing learning since I started to build bikes. I think I am going to tray taking the trailer to the park, dropping it an then seeing how far I can ride the bike along the trail. Since there is nothing on the bike itself, it should be pretty easy to pedal. The trail is more or less flat, but only a ride can tell how flat it really is. I might try that soon.

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Doc said...

Deacon wish i would have known you needed wing nuts,i could have sent you some.Doc