Saturday, August 21, 2010

thats the best offer I have had ........ever..

I rode the pusher bike this afternoon. I think I have the tilt and swing pretty much under control, but it doesn't ride like a bike I think it rides more like a trike. The small weight shifts I make riding a bike to handle minor balance changes are impossible with the pusher. So I think it will take a little getting used to.

well about the ugly welds, I wore out a light weight grinder in about a year. I bought a heavy duty angle grinder this time. So I can pretty much clean the welds up, so that the blobs of metal don't interfere with movements.

I have become the neighborhood bike fixer. It's kind of cool but I do worry that the kids parents might misunderstand. Still a kid with a bike that he can't ride is sad. I do it so that my wife is around or other kids so that there is no question. Too much evil in this world.

I can remember when I was in photo school. One of the assignments was to go to the park to make pictures of kids on the jungle gyms and swings. I would bet a hundred bucks that isn't an assignment any more. Maybe in high school but not grown up education.

Now that I have the trailer working, I want to see about the best size and look for it. I would kind of like it to look like a civil war caisson sort of thing. That won't happen with this propulsion system. If I ever build one using my axle motor mount I could do that. Those actually are the best motors and mounts for this project.

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Just got home.the flight was great,go up again in 4 hours.