Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My wife and I were going to the store this morning so I rode to the bike trail just before we left... Big big mistake. School has started and the road were full of housewives in nightgown driving their babies to school. It was pretty awful.

The ride itself was fun but the trip down and back was pretty hairy. The bike and trailer performed flawlessly. I think I have figured out the best configuration for the rhino drive. I need a frame for a 24" bike with gears. I need to remove the rear wheel and replace it with a 20" coaster brake wheel.

The smaller wheel will do two things. It will make getting on and off the bike a thousand times easier and it will open up the rear bike frame cross bar to be used to mount the rhino drive. If I leave the dérailleur, I think I can use the front chain ring changer. If so I will have a three speed pedal assist system.

It would be ideal to have the drive hinge mounted with hinge tension bars. If I had that I could just loosen the bolts on the side tension mounts and swing the motor off the wheel in case I needed to pedal it home. Since my batteries are on a trailer I could just drop the trailer somewhere safe and come back for it in the car. I think the next version will have those features.

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