Sunday, August 29, 2010

I wonder why it is that men think they need to keep looking for bigger and better stuff. It must be in our genes. Somebody throw me a life raft before I drown in my own gene pool.

I rode the rebuilt rhino drive to the lake just now. It ran better than the chain drive and came home with power left in the double battery pack that I have to have for the chain drive as well. It pulls the hills much better than the chain drive.

Don't get me wrong the chain drive with the 36v power supply and heavy duty controller is a fine bike. I am sure those who have that motor with the 26" wheel and gears have a better performing bike than mine. But my bike as it sits now is not nearly as good a drive system as the rhino.

I built the chain drive because I listened to a bunch of experts on a forum and their generic advice. Friction drive is the least efficient of all drives, they said. Well I'm here to tell you that is not always true. Some friction drive might be but the rhino drive is a better drive than my chain drive. My hub motor is pure crap so I make no judgments on it.

The current incarnation has the rhino motor on top of a 12 speed rear wheel. I can gear it down to creep along the bike trail for some calorie burning or wind it up in high and even then I can barely assist it on the steepest of hills. It just runs that good.

The trailer I built with the twenty inch wheels has finally gotten it's act together. The side mount is the way to go with them. When they are mounted in the center the get wonkie on me. For some reason the oscillation of the trailer makes the bike very unstable back there. I'm sure it oscillates on the side as well but the bike is hardly effected at all. I can not explain it except that the side mount is right beside the axle. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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