Friday, February 27, 2009

The new hub motor bike. I am beginning to like this bike more and more. I am thinking I might switch the motor to the black bike though. The black bike is more versatile that way and the red bike will accept the big tires.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

politics and motor bikes

I find it interesting that on the motorbike forum there have been postings which could be construed as political decent. It took about two hours for someone to ask they be removed lol. These most likely are the same people who screamed the loudest against the past administration. Funny how the last guys accepted dissent as part of the American political system but these guys want to stifle it. they are the ones who felt that the last administration was undermining democracy. I just find that scary.

2nd test on hubber bubber

the distance of travel for the bike under more epower and less pedal power was very very close. I decided to call it 4 miles and be done with it. either or

My next test will be of the friction drive bike. The batteries on it are a little older and have less top end charge so I don't expect as much from them.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

testing the hubber bubber

I ran the first test of range on the hub motorbike. I rode it with conservation in mind. I got 4.25 miles on a charge. It's as good as I could do in the real world/

next good day to ride I need to check how far it will go just riding with as little concern as possible.

Then I want to test the friction drive with those batteries under the same conditions to see what the range would be.

Friday, February 20, 2009

direct friction drive.

It is my opinion that the most efficient friction drive is a drive wheel directly on the engine. The most energy from the engine is transmitted to the bike wheel that way.

I hub motor watt for watt is more efficient but is also more expensive by a lot.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

already there

I piked up the bike about 8:30 a.m. In the condition shown above.

I had it finished by 8p.m. It did require some major modifications or it would have been done in a couple of hours.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tomorrow I'm going to buy

a bike. Not a new one, heaven forbid, but a junk shop bike. Then I am going to customize it. I am going to go through with it a step at a time with pictures I hope. We shall see how far my best laid plan for men and mice who think they are men goes.

It should be interesting.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

tomorrow is monday

Im going to just take it easy tomorrow and plan if anything at all.

waiting for tuesday

I am going to the junk shop on Tuesday to buy a bike. I am waiting till tuesday to give which one a lot of thought. If I haven't come up with a good guideline for the purchase I will just buy whatever will work and is on sale.

I need a bike the weather is nice and I have nothing to ride. I am waiting for a part for my hub bike. Yes something I screwed up. The friction drive frame came apart on me. Too much taking the wheels off and on for testing of lame ideas.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gone what a waste.

the road master bike I bought from the junk store gave up the ghost. It's been coming for a couple of weeks but I had no idea what was happening. The chain kept jumping off. Now I know it was the drop out for the rear axle stressing out. It's shot.

I have drilled it so many times now I have to decide what I want to do next. The front fork is weakened so now I have to get a new bike. I have looked at a couple so I need to decide which if any I want to work with next.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best laid plans

I put the brake on the bike and tried to ride it. that darned power cord just gave up on me. The guy who sold me the kit is sending me another one. The cord is bad why I can't be sure. It is either a factory defect or something I did while I was converting it to a different battery pack.

Well next time I will be especially careful even though I think I was this time. I hope that does it I really do like this bike.

On the town...

I rode my new Ebike 3 miles yesterday. Today, I plan to ride it farther at a time to gauge it's power consumption. I am going to rig the emergency brake then it's off for the power part of the bike path trip. If I ride the bike path I will do it without power my goal is to get so that I can do it all without power. I will probably need some power for sure for a while.

Even so I have to get home and that is up some wicked hills. So today I plan to see if I can make it over that part with the battery power I have. It is a good first test. Then again I plan to ride it to the bike shop to show the guys down there the bike. They did loan me the bike tool. I will probably do the bike shop thing instead.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

it's alive

I got the hub motor bike running and it is really a pretty good improvement over the friction drive bikes. Most likely I will begin looking for ways to shortcut the hub motor kit. It really doesn't need all the junk in it.

You have to have a controller for a brushless motor and I think all hub motors are. You need a throttle probably but. I'm not sure it is absolutely necessary. You don't need (at least I don't) the pedal assist control system.

Lock outs and keys are silly. Electric brake levers are foolish as well. Turn the throttle off and the regular brakes will do just fine. Batteries are probably less expensive if bought outside the kit.

The total cost of my kit when I add the batteries and shipping in is $325. I am satisfied with that.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

got a loaner

the local bike shop loaned me their hub puller. I sure did appreciate that 20 use of it. I got the kit on and ready to go after some pretty scary moments but all's well that ends well.

I rode the bike and it seemed to do really well.

It came

The hub finally arrived late yesterday. I did a little adjustment with my angle grinder and got the wheel on. The the crap began. I can't get the crank off for the PAC sensor. I am going to go out today in search of a crank puller I can borrow or rent. If worst comes to worse i will buy one and then put it on ebay for sale.

I also need to make sure I have a fuse.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I told you so

Once i ordered the hub motor I got the friction drive bike working. I rode it a couple of times today and the number one problem is that the batteries I was using are trash. They are trash because they were stored flat for a couple of years. No I didn't store those flat. I stored some others flat. I have several batteries I need to trash. If I build the 500 watt friction drive that I have in mind after the hub motor is running, I will have to either do a trailer for the power supply or I will have to buy more batteries.

I'll begin looking around this week to decide.

Friday, February 6, 2009

the new(old) bike

I bought a schwinn travelor 3 10 speed bike today. I have already removed all those tiny wheels. I also ripped off the deraileur and the front sprocket guide. While I was at it, I pulled the twisted up handlebars off and replaced them as well. I took off all the brakes as well. I put a coaster brake wheel on the rear. This is the bike I plan to use for the hub motor that is due here on monday.

I'll post a picture tomorrow I think.

It's late

The hub kit didn't get shipped on time so it is a day or two late. I can spend the weekend with the friction drive I built. I'm kinda looking forward to testing it with a new gear arrangement and the motor working with good batteries.

I beat on this engine when I assembled it and I expect that I ruined it. It like pulled a set of older batteries down in a block. Most of the block was downhill to. I put the new batteries on it for this next trial.

Well I'll know more today.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

last try

I threw out all my electric scooter motors except one. I kept it only because I had a clear drive shaft and could try one more time to make a friction direct drive from it.

I decided that I would try a welded sleeve. So first I welded a nut on the end of the drive shaft and then welded the spacer from the drive shaft to it. Then I used the grinder to grind it down so that a 3/8" galvanized pipe nipple would slide down over it. When I had it on, I welded it to the spacer sleeve on the drive shaft.

Then I put my welding rod inside the pipe nipple and welded the pipe nipple to the bolt which I had previously put onto the end of the drive shaft. I also put about half and inch of molten metal on the end of the drive shaft, the bolt, and the pipe nipple. I have no idea whether it will hold on not but it seem to run pretty true. That was one of the big problems before.

I welding a 3/4" nut to the end of the nipple and slipped an 1 1/4 axle peg over that. I welded it to the nut so now it seems to be pretty secure. The only thing I screwed up is that I beat on the drive shaft some and I expect it is going to fail pretty soon. Even if it does, if the drive wheel holds I learned what I needed to know.

Of course it come AFTER I ordered the hub motor kit. I will at least have a spare bike if this works, Also a second motor that I can put on the hubber bubber bike if I need it. It should be an interesting next couple of days while I try to test the friction drive motor. If I can get it tested the hub motor will be here soon and it needs testing as well.

Seems I am always waiting

The kit is supposed to be on it's way. I am tinkering with a motor I have laying around hoping to get it to accept a friction drive. I would like to have one friction drive bike or at least a motor I can add to the hub bike if I need to do that.

Monday, February 2, 2009

the kit comeith

Yes I broke down and ordered a bike kit. I went electric because I have already done a gas kit. I enjoyed he gas kit completely but the e kit is safer for me these days.

funny thing about it. I told my wife that once I bought the kit the friction drive would work. Last night I realize how to do the friction drive using a scooter motor. There is one set of motors that would work for sure.

I could buy one of those for about thirty bucks. The sprocket on it has a hub and pin connection. All one would have to do is to weld a 1/2 in nut onto the sprocket while it is on the motor. You would have a quick easy connector for any drive you wanted to use. Why It took me so Long I don't know but I do know I'm going to save a bike to put a friction drive on cause most likely I will build one later on.

In the mean time while I wait for the kit to arrive. I am going to continue trying to salvage a motor here.

I also need to get a bike ready for the new kit. I will need to buy one from the thrift store for the. Both of the frames i have now have been drilled for tests so the frames are weak and they also have the wrong crank sets. I need to find one the right size and with the right crank set. Shouldn't be all that hard to do.