Thursday, November 26, 2009

24v test

Today I rode the 24 bike a total of 7 miles. Two miles, then I recharged it, then five more miles. On the five mile ride I took note of something which I had noticed before. After about 2.5 miles the power curve changed dramatically. I had been running the bike at about half throttle the first 2.5 miles but had to run it wot the next 2.5 to get the help up the hills. Obviously the batteries put out more amps for a short period of them, then it goes downhill rapidly.

On that bike I am running a 24v battery pack, a 24v 500 watt controller, and a 600 watt motor. I took an hour to change out the controller on a test bike that is the same. It now has a 600 watt motor, a 24v 350 watt controller and a 24v battery. What I want to know is will that flatten out the power curve of the battery pack. If I have to run on half amps after two miles, I would just as soon run on it all the time. So I may have some definitive answers on how to handle that sort of thing.

I am going to make the same ride tomorrow with the smaller controller to see if the range is the same and the performance is more even.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

test results

I tested the bikes. The very best for speed and performance is a heavy duty 24v controller 600watt 24volt motor run with a 36v power supply. It is also the least efficient battery wise.

I have the same setup now powered with a 24v 19am battery pack. I am going to give it a try for a while. It lacks the speed and power of the other bike, but it does perform pretty well. Going uphill it is like pedaling on the flats. That being the case, it seems to be adequate. It should force me to conserve power.

I'll let you know more when I get a better test done.

Monday, November 23, 2009

revamped the bikes again

I reset one bike for 24v with a 600 watt motor and one at 36v with the same motor. I won't get a chance to test them out completely until the weather gets better.

I have a 12ah pack on the 36v bike and a 14hr on the 24v bike. So I will have to see what is what before I buy new batteries. I might get more miles on the 14ah pack at 24 volts because I will be pedaling it some.

The more I read about those guys who get more milage on their batteries the more I realize that they are using very low v motors which means they have to pedal more. I think that it the really big difference. I am going to try to pedal more with the 24v rig and see if it has a significant effect.