Tuesday, December 29, 2009

goign to redo a bike

I have plans to redesign the front wheel drive bike I just finished. It is way out of balance. I can ride it but just barely. I don't mind the weight or the noise of the front drive but the motor hands off the side and that is truly dangerous.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the more things change

The more things change the more they regress. I am back to 36v battery packs because I don't like to strain to climb a hill. I don't mind assisting the bike, I just don't want to work at it.

I also stripped down the spare rhino bike, to reassemble the hub motor bike. It is a weird looking bike but I don't think it will kill me. At least not for a while maybe.

It has the 26" hub motor on the front and a 20" coaster wheel on the rear. I did install a front brake just to keep it a little safer. I'm not all that sure that the fork is safe enough. We shall see soon enough.