Thursday, July 31, 2008

end of day

Turns out that drive wheel wasn't true so it came off and I went to plan f. I used a bolt on axle peg. I had to keep drilling the opening one size larger at a time and test fitting it so that the drive would fit. I think it is okay but I'm still not positive.

Win lose or draw the bike is ready for a test ride tomorrow. I am going to ride it or it is going to ride me.

One thing I know for sure it to have everything right to start the bike on the first attempt because it will flood in a heartbeat. I had the kill switch engaged and by the forth pull the engine was flooded but after giving it a few minutes to dry out it fired right up on the first pull.

We will see what is what tomorrow.

Just another chainsaw thursday

In spite of my bitchin' and moanin' I got the chainsaw engine to take gas. Last night after supper I got the smaller drive wheel mounted.

Today I'm going to make a few adjustments and try to ride it. It the bike actually moves, then I'm going to change out the accelerator and then put on a front brake. Then park the mutt and try to decide what the heck I'm going to do with three running bikes. Also I'm going to decide if I want to work on the 25cc bike again.

The 25cc engine is on the test frame and I like that bike a lot. If I decide the 25 on the front is under powered then I might go for the 31 on it. The 31cc would do fine on that frame I think. I have a coaster brake on the bike so I could put a hand brake on it as well.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the day nothing went as planned number 1,000

Well I am going to have to redo everything I did today, but that okay. I really do like learning new things and I learned today that I should not put off leaning the gas tank screen. I should not ride off on flat tires either.

The controls on the chain saw bike proved to be a pain in the but. I rode it but the carb is so badly out of adjustment that it wouldn't rev. It just lumbered along. I turned about after a block and a half. I'll give it another try tomorrow.

I promised myself I would take a couple of days off so I might do that as well. Just not sure. I do think I am working to hard on bike with the heat the way it is. I probably need to just do one thing and go think about the next one. Instead of blindly moving from one thing to another.

Chainsaws and shades of Santa

I have to rig the drive and the controls on the chainsaw bike today. But first I have to ride to home depot for some things. Most likely I will forget all but the drive wheel. I will try to make a list and check it twice but who knows these days.

My really important project is to try to devise a home made throttle control. I think I will head over to the forum to see if they can't come up with some idea to at least put my mind on a different track.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

today was a winner..

As much as yesterday was crap today was a winner.

I remounted the chainsaw engine. It is much more secure. I have found that mounting with a hinge is the worst way to mount an engine. It is a little more trouble to do a pivot with a bolt but it is well worth the effort.

Once the mount was done (which took a while) I tried to start it. The bike just acted crazy. In the end I discovered that I was out of gas. The tank was bone dry. I don't know what happened to it there should have been quite a bit in it. I switched out the gas tanks since I couldn't figure out what happened.

then it was flooded from an empty tank. I have no idea how that happened. So I pulled the plug to let it dry out. I left it in the sun and went to change some wheels and tires. After that the bike started right up. I adjusted the idle to make it easier to start next time.

Next I made a couple of air filters. I used two jar lids and a bit of foam rubber I had laying around. The one on the chainsaw bike worked great. I haven't got the 25cc to start so I'm not sure what it will do.

Tomorrow I need to take the china bike to the home depot. I have not tested the front mount 31cc enough yet. I need to buy the parts for a drive wheel for the chain saw bike. I had the parts but I decided to go smaller since I ruined the end cap on the 1" drive. It would have been 1 1/4 anyway and I think thats a little big.

Im learning that smaller is better for friction.

okay till tomorrow.

update ect

Well yesterday was pretty much a waste. Nothing I did got the bike moving so that one goes on a back burner while I work on the chainsaw bike. It needs a new mount and some carb adjustments. I am using a weedeater carburetor because I screwed up the one that was supposed to be on the chainsaw. Oh well it's all about learning and the passage of time for me.

So today it's remount the chainsaw engine. I have decided to strip off the case and mount it as the basic engine. If I can get the spring recoil puller on fine but if I lose it that is fine as well. I need a secure mount for it and I don't have one using the case. I could do it but then I couldn't lift it off the tire.

Monday, July 28, 2008

todays project

Get the 25cc up and running. I want to test it to see if it is even close to the 31cc. By mounting it in the front It will be pretty much the exact same set of circumstances. I will know what the differences are.

The reason for the test is more to be able to tell new builders which motor to look for when buying at yard sales and flea markets. If the 25cc is close then it makes a lot more engines available for these builds.

I also want to switch out the front wheel on the two bikes. I'm not sure if I will bother until the shifter come in from My friend on the forum. The 31cc is eminently ridable as it is right now.

I want to build the air filters for two bikes today as well. I think I have finally figure out how to do it.

So there you have it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

end of Sunday

I finally stopped riding my new bike. I rode the bike off and on all day while I tweaked things like the mount and the idle. I ran it all over the hood. Up hills that the china will barely pull. It also barely pulls them but it does pull them.

the china bike may be a better bike but I'm less and less convinced of it as time goes by. This bike just needs a better starting system but otherwise it does very very well. Probably because the engine has so much compression it is hard to pull the rope. I can't drag start it at all.

I am still nervous about those brakes so I'm going to replace the front wheel with a larger one and add a brake to it. I am going to use the brake lever that is now my clutch lever since it lifts the engine.

A friend from the forum is sending me a second shifter. I hope I can lift the ending with it. If so I will feel better about this bike.

I have a little twenty five cc motor sitting on the front wheel of my test bike and a 33cc chainsaw motor that I need to work on as well. Not sure which I will work on next.

I am going to hold on changing the wheel till I get the shifter in to see if I can use it as the clutch lever. I must have put ten miles on the new bike. That is more than I ever put on a bike in one day before. There is a learning curve with the bike. Leaning how the throttle works best.

todays plan

Increase the tension on the drive wheel. I'm thinking heavier spring. I have a couple laying about.

I can't get hold of a coaster brake wheel for a while, so I need to start getting used to the brakes on the bike I have. I believe that I can just kill the engine and use the drag on the front wheel to help slow the bike down if I need to stop it and the brakes fail. I really would feel better with more brakes.

I think I am going to test the bike with increased tension, then try to ride it a good real life test. At least as much as possible.

I'm sure there will me more adjustments to make along the way.

I want to be sure this is the right thing to do before I continue with my preparations for the how to instructions.

Then of course the kids come for dinner which pretty much mandates a short work day. That's a good thing my cuts and burns could use a day or two to heal anyway.

I'll check back in tonight to see how far the day's plan gets modified.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally a good day.

It started a little early but that's okay. While my wife went to the store, I started on the bike. I got the controls started. They had given me a fit yesterday but over night I figure that I could not use the frame as a base to anchor the control cables. Everything had to go from the handle bars directly to the engine.

My wife came home and we had a sausage biscuit while I drank more coffee. After that we went to buy her gas and then to the goodwill store to look for books and bikes stuff. Thats where I found my new gas tank. It's an old canteen. Not a real old one a new plastic knock off but it is perfect for me.

I did a little work when I got home then it was time for my dogs physical. "How is the doing?" the vet's assistant asked.

"OH she is just fine."

"Good, I'll just take her back for the blood and fecal exam.She is also due three shots."

After a rather long wait the Vet came in and after all the test and of course Two hundred buckshe said "Oh she's just fine." I almost asked for a job since I had told him that a half hour earlier.

Back home I finished the bike. I rode it. I made some adjustments but nothing major. The bike is a success.

All in all a working bike makes most any day a good day,

Die monster Die

The two wheel friction drive bike is history. The damn think tried to kill me. I had the rear engine started and was fumbling with drop rods when the front engine (not running) hit the front wheel it took a hard right turn toward the curb. The drag on the wheel was not even so it turned the bike. The bike being under power tried to make the maneuverer but I managed to stop it and kill the rear engine without being killed.

Since the monster tried to kill me, I gutted the sum bitch.

I moved the 31cc to the blue junker I bought for $6. I converted it from a mtb to a one speed bike so I have lots of controls left over. Since I have the rear brakes working but not the front, I mounted the bike on the front wheel.

It is almost ready to go. I have to mount a kill switch, the gas tank (soda bottle), and the clutch cable. Then I am going to test ride it. I have high hopes for it since it is a 31cc.

If it works well enough, I will keep my eye out for a 26" coaster brake wheel so that I will have some brake redundancy. Well time to get started. I will ry to update tonight.

Friday, July 25, 2008

todays plan

I need to finish the hookups on the 2headed monster bike. The controls such as they are seem to be all that is left. I think I'm going to the grocery store to search for a better fitting gas tank for the front engine. If I ever really use this configuration, I will go with a center gas tank with lines on each end or something like that. Since this is just a test bike two gas tanks are okay for now. I'll check back in and let you know how it went.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I t didn't rain today

So I rode to the auto parts store picked up some things then went back to work on the new duel engine friction drive bike. Yeah I'm putting an engine on each wheel. I got an old engine off ebay and it works so I have put it on the front wheel of my test bike. I had both engines on the left side. the bike really wanted to lay down on me. Some one told me he was pretty sure the engine would run backwards so I gave it a shot and one of them did. I spent the rest of the day undoing what I had done.

Now I have one engine on each side. one front one rear. After I see how it does, I might try to get them both on the rear to make a really strange looking bike. Most likely I will tranfer one of them to the junker I just fixed up a little. The front wheel on I think.

I t didn't rain today

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It rained today so I didn't do any riding at all.

I man in the neighborhood flagged me down yesterday to sell me a junk bike. I bought it because I was looking for a bike to put the 25cc engine on. Since it was raining I made some changes in the bike. First of all I took the derailer (sp) off the front and rear. I set the bike up to run as just a one speed bike. The gear ratio is pretty much what I run on all my bikes. A little lower than normal. The pedals are a little long for me but I'm going to set it as a motor bike so it isn't all that important.

I have about talked myself out of making it a 25cc helper bike, at least for now I have. I have just about talked myself into a second motor on the test bike. With two motors it will either sing or be a total bust.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

small successes keep me going

Well the 25cc runs with gas down the plug hole so if anything is bad its the carb. I will have to clean that later when I add a gas tank to the bike. '

I drilled out the muffler on the new 31cc bike and it runs like a dream. I also added the new drive wheel but I'm not sure that had much to do with it.

Life is good when you finally win one.

results and todays plan

Well I went to the store and bought the drive parts. I assembled them and ran some of the tests. the engine went screwy on me. I'm not sure what it will do today. I think the problem is too much tension on the drive wheel and too many hills for this type bike. I have to keep thinking this is going to work out because I have been on the cusp of success only to have not be quite what I wanted.

The tire jb welded to the metal drive wheel was a bust but it lasted long enough to overheat my engine i fear. If it did any permenant damage I'm not sure. Today should tell me.

I am going to destroy the muffler on a brand new engine today. I know that isn't really very smart but I want to know what it will do. So it's take the muffler off first thing and drill holes in it. Since Im not sure where to drill them it will be pretty much hit or miss.

I also have a drive wheel I made yesterday with tire bits epoxied to the pvc joint. that makes the wheel much larger. It should be intersting.

I also may work on the 25cc engine today. I know I should wait till i have a bike but I want to know if I can make the 25cc run. It should be an interesting project.

So I have plenty to do.

I also need to check out the china bike it didn't start well yesterday. I think I might need to clean the filter and at least check the plug and wire. Something didn't act just right.

Monday, July 21, 2008

todays plan

It's good to have a plan for the day first thing then tonight I can explain how it all went wrong.

Today I'm off to the home depot first thing to get some pvc joints. No matter what they say the drive wheel just at one inch OD is just too small. I'm going to buy several of the pvc joints that will fit snugly over my drive wheel. I can use one to increase the diameter of the drive and then attach things to it as well, That is that plan at least.

Today is tension and drive wheel day for the 31cc bike. Now if it works out that I finish, I'm going to work on the chainsaw till the 25cc arrives,

I decided to put the 25cc onto the front of the next bike I build. If I can make it work easily there, then the option is there to put it onto a tricycle. That would be a good thing since it comes up now and then on the forum.

Still the idea of making a home made bike with a chain drive is running around in my head. Makes me wish I hadn't removed the friction clutch from he chain saw. I think for a chain drive I would want a 42cc chainsaw engine though.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

frustration breeds indigestion

Couple of semi interesting things. I have ridden the 31cc bike three times today and each ride it performed differently. I also adjusted the tension on the drive wheel each time. It looks as thought he skipping drive wheel does the best for me. I'm not a hundred percent sure of that though.

I have a few new things to throw at it tomorrow but for today I'm content that it starts and runs good.

I have been a bit frustrated not being able to get the tension just right, so when I rode it to the shopping center to test it long distance and had to pedal more than I thought I should to get it back. I was worried when suddenly in the middle of the uphill pull I got heartburn. I have had a couple of heart attacks and thats how they feel as well.

Heavy physical activity and frustration then heartburn just scared me to death, but I didn't pull into my drive I rode the bike another 3miles. How dumb is that.

It turned out okay cause as Freud said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes heartburn really is heartburn."

Yesterday when I was younger

Yesterday I made some progress on both my current bikes projects. I got the chainsaw engine running and the 31cc on the road. I looked like it was going to be a really good day.

Then of course it went downhill. I choked the 31cc by dropping the engine on the tire too quickly. It died and when I restarted it with the rope wrapped around the drive wheel. I let the rope get hang loose a second and it got hung in the running wheel. At that point the engine choked again and the rope flew out of my hand the the pull end flew around and hit me. It cut a pretty good groove in a couple of my knuckles.

Then of course I leaned into a hot muffler and burned my knee.

But I am down to just getting the tension right on the 31cc. When the is done I can either move on to the chainsaw bike or wait for the 25cc to get here.

Funny thing the 25cc is an electrolux. I gas that is going to make it the sweeper bike. That is going to be my minimalist bike I think.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

weedwacker success

The 31cc idles and takes gas. The drive wheel seems to work okay but the ground is wet from a summer shower. I will have to wait till tomorrow to cast a final vote on it.

The chain saw runs and takes gas. I still have to do things to it to make it work as a bike but it's very close.

I have a 25cc engine on the way which is supposed to be bad, but I have a good carb and coil here already, so if cleaning the carb won't do it, I can switch out the elements. I am curious to see the differences between the weed eater version and the leaf blower version of the engines. One might be easier than the other to work with.

Im going to run the weed eater without a shroud and the chain saw with one. Just to see if there really is a need for it on an engine open to moving air. It should be an interesting experiment.

Friday, July 18, 2008

NC chainsaw massacre

I mentioned before about the 33cc chainsaw I bought cheap. Then I proceeded to break the throttle lever on the carburetor. I replaced that with a new carb from a 31cc weed whacker I had laying around. I couldn't get it to work.

I went back at it today with a clear mind. It looks as though I had an air leak (my personal nemesis) from a intake I no longer need. The engine might not run as good with the wrong carb on it but frankly it was too powerful before. I think that second intake was a turbo charger for the short time one would actually use the blade wide open. The change in carbs may turn out to be a good thing. I doubt that but one never knows.

I have a cap over that intake drying as I type this. I coated it with blue gasket seal hoping it will close off any any leaks. I'm going to let the engine cool off then try to start and run it again tomorrow. If I get it running pretty dependably I will fabricate an air filter, then try one of the new designed drive wheels on it. It might be the strongest of the friction bikes. Or it might be too strong to do more than skip over the bike wheel. Time will tell.

drive wheel test

Since I can't attach the drive wheel to the engine till my new drill arrives, I have some time on my hands. I have experimented with a mixture of jbweld (a two part expoxy) and salt to coat the drive wheel. It works and it also wears off from the friction. After all it is a friction drive. I have previously just used metal but it has a tendency to slip if smooth or eat up the tire if grooved. I have seen several rubber coated ones but never up close. I have used rubber heater hose but it does not last long.

I have used plastic wheels from casters and those work well but in the current application I have no way to attach it to the engine. So I tried this last night.

I cut a piece of an old tire to fit the drive wheel I have. It is actually a 3/4" galvanized pipe nipple with an end cap I need to drill a hole in so that I can bolt it onto the engine.

I coated the rear of the tire with JB Weld. Then I wrapped it around the drive wheel and secured it tightly with twine. I left it over night to cure. I will give it a try when I am able to attach the drive to the engine. If by some wild stretch of the imagination this works, I will make a better coat of tire. the one I have is not quite right but it's what I have at the moment so I am going to do the test with it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Basic bike changes

First of all I wanted a bike for people my age. I'm over sixty and my main concern when I started ride again was stability. I wanted a bike I felt safe on. I tried a mountain bike and fell on my butt. I tried a cruiser and it was better but still not quite right. Either my legs were to short or my knees didn't seem to feel right pedaling.

I began to experiment. What I ended up with on the test bike is full size 26" cruiser frame. I exchanged the rear wheel for a twenty inch rear wheel from a child's bike. That got me lower to the ground and the bike feels much more stable. Especially since my feet easily touch the ground on it.

I found the pedals hard to handle on the top end so, I switched the crank for the one from the 20" kids bike and it was much much better. I also used the chain ring from the kid's bike. It sets the bike up for a lower gear ratio making it easier to start out. Since the motor comes in shortly after the lower gear is not a real factor except for starting and hill assists. It is great for both of those.

The smaller rear wheel also gives lots of room for a motor mount. I changed out the handle bars to the kid's bars just because I could.

death and disorder

When I redid the motor frame the engine stop working. I had it apart and about to replace the magneto pickup on a brand new engine when I noticed the cut in the spark plug wire. I had plans to replace the wire ect but I decided to just tape it up and give it a try. When I did it started right up so all is well in my world except that I discovered that the drive wheel I was using was causing the heavy vibrations and all my problems.

I rethought it and think I have a better wheel in mind. I'm waiting on a new drill to arrive since I ruined mine a couple of days ago. More as it develops.

first test of the 31cc

I rode the bike that deacon built today. I got it down so that the drive wheel did not skip for two or three miles and it was great fun. Then of course the inevitable happened. Crap started to fall off from the vibrations. Most was little stuff until the engine almost fell off twice. first time is shook the bolts loose. I changed them so it just broke the mount on the engine. Now that's going to be a problem. I did find out that 31cc in a friction drive is almost perfect.

I was going to take pictures before the engine fell off, but alas the battery was dead in the camera. Now I have it charged but the bike is in pieces again. I have no idea what it will do next.

I guess I'll check the neighbor to see if he can weld it. If not, I'll drill a hole in the case. I don't want to do that since it will be hard to shim it level with the other holes. I think the mount shook a bolt off and that put stress on the motor.

update on the 31cc

friction drive update 2
I was going to try to use a sprocket on the weed whacker and then pull a scooter tire on my bike tire. It didn't happen so I sat down to redesign the frame of the bike hoping to make it work better.

It still uses a gravity clutch so I'm not thrilled with that part. I would rather that it stop and start like th 25cc did. If this does not turn out to be significantly more powerful than 25cc I am going to go back to that size engine. I think the difference in the compression is why the bike will not drag start from a stopped position. It might start warm dropping the engine on the moving tire.

It will take some tests to see. At the moment I am going with the suicide clutch. I might wire a cable in later.

In it's form today I did wire that clutch cable up as well as leaving the handle on the clutch arm. All this will make more sense in the final wrap up of the bike later.

The beginning of the 31cc

Last week I bought a new weed whacker paid full price for it and everything. I wanted to try a 31cc that I had confidence in. So far I hate it. I can't get it adjusted. It runs good but I keep screwing up the mount.

The mounts don't want to do right. I Think it is because it is a new engine and I am trying not to screw it up. I think I'm going to take it off the bike and fool around with an old one I have if I can get it to start. I may go back to the scooter wheel and try that a while. Time for more experiments I think. I ran it with the 25cc and it did okay no better or worse than the pipe drive, but I think with the extra weight of the 31cc I need to make the motor solid not hanging. I might be able to drag start it which is a major problem for me at the moment.

Time to consolidate the home brew

I thought it was about time to consolidate the experiences I have had with friction drive. I will try to share what little knowledge I pick up along the way.

I like friction drive because it is simple and dependable. Not a lot can go wrong with the drive system once you get the mount and controls right. If the engine runs and the drive wheel is on the tire the bike will move. Well unless you have it chained down.

Friction drive can be as cheap as you want it to be. It is by far the easies home brew bikes to build. I have built and I still have one of the Chinese kit bikes. I love it and it gets a lot of attention but it is a high maintenance item. Not only that it isn't practical for the average person. It requires a certain amount of skill to build and keep on the road. I doubt that I will be able to fix all the things that go wrong. Parts are hard to find for them since they are not really popular yet. Also I am told that there is a wide range of manufacturers so it's hard to interchange the parts. I don't know any of that first hand just information passed along to me.

I have several friction drive bikes in various stages of construction at the moment.
I have a 33cc chainsaw bike, a 31cc weed whacker bike, and a 25cc helper bike I'm going to be starting in a week or so.

The thing I like about that chain saw engine is the 2 drive shaft support bearings. Usually when you see an engine with the starter cord on one end and the output shaft on the other it has a better drive shaft support. In theory it will last longer but costs more.

I deal exclusively in two stroke engines at the moment. They seem to be much less expensive. I am learning a lot about them as I go along. See you don't have to be a mechanic with my friction drive bikes. If they screw up either swap parts or just take them to the small engine shop. With a couple of wrenches you can pull the engine in a few minutes.

I have a weed whacker 31cc very near completion. The hold up on it is that I burned up my drill and have to wait for a new one from ebay to arrive. When I get it finished and test ride it, I will give complete construction details here. I should also be able to give you a pretty good idea of what the bike's performance is like.

If I run across something of interest I will try to pass it on. Comments are definitely welcome.